Sign Here Please…


This is my first Blog post for both me personally and for our Company; Day & Nite Plumbing & Heating, Inc.  I think it’s appropriate this 1st post is about Veterans & Veteran’s Day, because in the 24 years Judy & I have had this Company so many great people working with us have been, or are, Veterans.

Yesterday, we started things here at Day & Nite with a Veterans Memorial Meeting.  We had some food & visited for a while, & then sat down & listened to a WWII Veteran (E.C. ‘Jack’ Yoder) tell us some of his experience as a Medic in the Battle of the Bulge.  One of the main things I could tell, was that it was the Cold that was still with him after all these years… the deep, penetrating pervasive Cold that he couldn’t escape, that froze so many feet, that wouldn’ t back off no matter what.  The Cold kept them from sleeping, woke them from dreams, huddled with them in their holes, tried to steal them when wounded, took them completely in death.

Just 10ft away from me here, is the thermostat to our fancy, Hybrid Heating/Cooling system… it will do most anything I want, immediately, economically & automatically.  It seems to have complete power over The Cold; but that’s not really true, an illusion.  The Freedoms I have, the Warmth & Safety I enjoy was bought with a horrific price paid by thousands of Veterans.  Thousands & Thousands; for hundreds of years… and this ‘Warm, Safe Freedom’ could be invaded or robbed or changed forever in a moment by very very few;  as quickly and as easily as flying a couple Jets into a Skyscraper.

After this War Veteran shared, everyone in our Company who has Served stood & told us their name & when & where they Served… and of our 25 or so, 8 had at some time in their lives Signed the Oath of their Branch of Service and gave their Country the Right to ask of them most Anything; Even their Very Lives.  Marines, Army, & Navy were represented, and in past years Air Force too…. serving in Wars and during Peace times.

We finished our little Company meeting here in the Pacific NW with a prayer of Thanks to God, the Pledge of Allegiance to Our Flag, and a moment of silence for those who are Serving now and for those who gave their Lives for us.  May I NEVER forget or take for granted the precious Treasure we all have here in the United States of America; one Nation Under God….  Because truly, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’ (Attributed to Edmund Burke)

~ Bruce Sr


One Response to “Sign Here Please…”

  1. This blog has been moved from Blogger to WordPress. Below are the comments that were left when Plumbertalk was hosted by Blogger.

    From Ms Jackie : “I know that it was a moving experience for everyone that was there that morning. Also- I am so pleased that you are blogging!!
    Congratulations. You are a man with a lot to share.”

    From Janel: “I love that you honor the veterans at work. I don’t think very many companies truly do that.”

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