A Plumbers’ Thanksgiving

At a a little after 2:00am Thanksgiving morning, I just got home from helping a couple of my plumbers w/their last jobs, and I sat a minute to write down how Thankful I was feeling just then….
Jon DeLeon was in a freezing attic on the Lake in Kirkland, thawing & mending pipes that had a whole Condo Bldg down w/out water… the wind whistling thru that attic so dark and freezing your hands numbed up in moments & your eyes keep tearing up as fast as you could wipe them away.
And Doug Goodrich was working at an old, cramped mobile home in Lynnwood for a Sr. Gentlemen who couldn’t use his sink cause it was dumping water all over the floor.  He had just moved in that same day & needed his sink for cleaning & dinner & his eyes and his hands couldn’t make things work like when he was younger, and he was new in town & didn’t know anyone or who to call.  So, his neighbors suggested he try us, because we’d been working in the Park for years, and we were one of the few Plumbing Contractors who helped people in Mobil Homes without giving them a bunch of grief about the tough working conditions they often have.
Both of these Plumbers rolled on these jobs after 10pm…on their way home from a day of continuous jobs just like them.  They were cold & exhausted & hungry ready to end their day, & then the Boss (me) calls with ‘just one more, if you can’…. And without missing a beat they each said almost exactly the same thing; ‘sure; what do you have?  Page it to me & I’ll pick it up on the way home”.
Their customers were so grateful for the help, and for getting their water back on… they thanked them many times, and told them how no one who they called would even give them a time when they could come out, let alone help them tonite.  Both these customers were new to us, and they thought it strange how they ended up connecting with us…strange they both said; & somehow Providential.  I agree.
I’ve been working ‘Freezes’ as a Plumber for over 30 years in the Pacific N.W. & I’ve often seen isolated people and/or senior citizens stuck & needing help, and then they somehow find us during these storms.  And we get to help them and provide fair, honest service at a time when often, people like them are taken advantage of by some, or simply rejected by others who refuse service because their situation is often tough to work in, or their resources are so minimal they can’t pay what’s demanded by these ‘hit em’ hard’ shops.
I’m so proud & honored to be serving with my crew.  Those 2 men & their fellow crew members….  EVERYONE has a been working double shifts  & more to help people during this Arctic Blast… they are serving with such good spirits & helpful attitudes… True Professionals in every sense of the word.
And all the while they know that tomorrow, they’ll only get a window of a few hrs with their families for Thanksgiving Dinner… while their morning & then all nite they’ll be out helping people again, crawling thru the attics and crawlspaces & cold wherever needed.
These are True Day & Niters.  These men on the crews & the men & women on our office Staff are the very Best of the best of all those in our Industry.  It is such an privilege to work with them…and I’m so grateful they’ve chosen to make Day & Nite a part of their life and Careers.  Of the many things in our life that I am thankful for; these people who Judy & I get to work with in our Company are at the VERY top of our Thanksgiving List…
Because these people not only Love their work & pursue it with excellence; they Love their Customers and their Families too with passionate devotion, integrity and faithfulness…. and it is this Love that their lives are centered on; not greed or selfishness or power.  They Love what they are doing and those they are Serving, and we pray that the God of Love Bless them and that He Bless everyone they Love & serve, with every single Blessing they need; materially, emotionally and Spiritually… both in this life and the life to come.
-Bruce Sr

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